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Feb. 18, 2018

4+Beds $500-$600K

You can buy a house

Over 30 homes, with 4+ Bedrooms, priced $500k to $600k  in Maplewood, Montclair, West Orange, South Orange, Chatham, Madison, Berkley Heights, New Providence, Springfield, Union, or Westfield

Available today- Click here!


Call or Text Heather or Suki to see these or any other home.


Feb. 18, 2018

Available Homes

A 3 minute look at all homes available in Maplewood and South Orange.  

Call us to see these homes today, many will be gone before you know it.

Feb. 17, 2018

Driving Maplewood & South Orange

Driving in MAPSO/SOMA, without coffee or comedians.  Take a look at a few neighborhoods, and some of the houses we have recently marketed. Enjoy!!





Posted in Maplewood, South Orange
Feb. 10, 2018

100+ Homes to see this weekend!

Spring has sprung

Over 100 new listings  across Maplewood, South Orange, Millburn /Short Hills, West Orange, Montclair, Glen Ridge, Madison, Chatham, Summit, Springfield, Westfield and Union.

Actively for sale homes, listed since 2/1, sorted by price.

Click Here 100+ homes to see this weekend

Call or text us to find your new home.



Feb. 3, 2018

Recent Sales - Knowledge is Power

Check out what sold in January!

When buying or selling a home, knowing what sold, and for how much is key, click the links below to see what sold.

Knowing what is on the market is also important, use our search to see what is for sale.

We can help you with your sale or purchase, getting your home ready for sale, helping you see any home for sale, and helping you create your "Happily Ever After".

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Maplewood Sales - January 2018

South Orange Sales - January 2018

Millburn Sales - January 2018

Short Hills Sales - January 2018

Summit Sales - January 2018

Chatham Sales - January 2018

Chatham Twp Sales - January 2018

Madison Sales - January 2018

West Orange Sales - January 2018

Montclair 07043 Sales - January 2018

Montclair 07042 Sales - January 2018

Springfield Sales - January 2018

Westfield Sales - January 2018

Union Sales - January 2018

2017 Sales 

If you want sold or for-sale listings delivered to your mailbox, drop us a line, or send a text and we will set it up. Creating an account on this site will allow you to get listings matching your criteria delivered to you on a regular basis.



Feb. 2, 2018

1+ acre homes

So if it's an acre you want - here are 70 homes over a dozen towns.  All over an acre, priced $425 thousand to $6.9 million.  Call us to see any home for sale.  1 Acre Homes - February 2018

Jan. 26, 2018

Demand is high, Supply is low

Now is the time to get your home on the market!

Maplewood has only 31 homes on the market today, an additional 9 are already in attorney review.  South Orange has only 38 homes available, Montclair 40. Other local towns also have a shortage of inventory. If you want to sell your home, let us help you prepare your house, now is the time to get it on the market, Spring is here. 

We can get your home sold! 

These are available - 

(click here for Maplewood)  

(click here for South Orange)

(click here for Millburn/Short Hills)

(click here for Montclair)

(click here for Madison)

(click here for Summit)

(click here for Chatham)


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Jan. 26, 2018

This Week 4 bd, Master Bath 500-750K

This Week

4 Bedrooms, Master bath, $500,000 to $750,000

Millburn, Maplewood, South Orange, West Orange and Montclair

For those of you interested in a master bath, attached are over 25 homes across these 5 towns.   Per GSMLS they all have a 4 bedrooms and master bath. If you want to see these homes,  or any others, feel free to reach out to us.

 Yes you can have a Master Bath - Click here

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Peter 646-599-2515

Jan. 20, 2018

Million Dollar Babies - MAPSO / SOMA

Clint Eastwood isn't the only one with a "million dollar baby".  More and more of your friends and neighbors (& yourselves!) are sitting in homes that are selling for a million dollars.  2017 saw a record number of homes in Maplewood in this category, with over two dozen homes sold for over a million dollars. South Orange had a strong showing as well.  2018 will likely see as many, if not more, homes sell above that mark.  See the links below for house sold in that range (all information from GSMLS).

2017 Million Dollar Sales in Maplewood

2017 Million Dollar Sales In South Orange

Check our our website to see current homes for sale.  Call or text us to arrange a personal consultation on your sale or purchase.


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Jan. 1, 2018

2017 Sales

Sale Prices 2017 

Glen Ridge, NJ 2017 Sales

Maplewood, NJ 2017 Sales

Millburn & Short Hills, NJ 2017

Montclair, NJ 2017 Sales

South Orange, NJ 2017 Sales

West Orange, NJ January- June 2017

West Orange, NJ July - December 2017


Chatham Twp & Boro, NJ 2017 Sales

Madison, NJ 2017 Sales


New Providence, NJ 2017 Sales

Springfield, NJ 2017 Sales

Summit, NJ 2017 Sales

Union, NJ January - June 2017 Sales

Union, NJ July - December 2017 Sales

Westfield, NJ 2017 Sales